Any Other "Lefties" Ever Dream of Hitting a HR over The RF Roof Here?

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As a young kid growing up late 70's and early 80's, I often dreamed of making it to the "Big Leagues". Of course, I wanted to play for my hometown S.D. Padres, but I always dreamed of playing in 2 other places as well: L.A. and Detroit.

Why would a kid from the bottom part of California dream about playing for a team like the Detroit Tigers? Well, I'm left-handed, and I wanted to hit HRs over the roof at Tiger Stadium. I saw highlights of Reggie blasting one off the lights, and I'll always remember Kirk Gibson hitting the "facade" of the RF roof off of Goose Gossage in the '84 World Series. I thought I would hit many HRs in Detroit as my swing was nothing but Left-Handed with a hard "Pull".

I'm pretty sure at 36 yrs old, that my dreams of becoming the next Reggie were done in 1992. I am sad to say that anyone else with the same dreams will no longer have the opportunity as well.

The ballpark opened in 1912 as Navin Field, and the final major league game was played on Sept. 27, 1999.

It appears that the city of Detroit will keep the playing field and the foul poles intact though.

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Loved it. I will never forget Kirk Gibson's shot and  then the hobbling in such pain that even the excitement couldn't disguise.  I do not want to become the villian.  I feel that no one should bear the blame as appears to be a number of finger pointing. A building is a memory . We have tragedy in our world that has people suffering . It does not hav e a heart yet we value it as almost like a liife. The building housed the memories not actually committed a single feat  .