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~April in the D~

4/16/08 in General Sports   |   Crackersex   |   98 respect

Ahhh...Detroit Sports. 

April is the month where you can choose your team.  We've got the Piston's in the Playoffs, The Red Wings fighting for another shot at the Stanley Cup, and The Tigers trying to live up to the Sports Illustrated issue which predicted us to win the world series this year.

Anywhere you go around town, and even in the burbs...You'll see Detroit Pride for our teams, my teams...

This is the newet video they're playing around town, "April in the D".

This is what it's all about: Pride for my home teams


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4/17/08   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

it is shaping up to be an interesting month for Detroit, I will admit.


that is ok.. I am just hoping for a lot of October (and if needed, November) joy for the Cubs. :)

4/16/08   |   Crackersex   |   98 respect

lol you posted at a great time, right before me!  I saw April in the D and went whoa, thumbs up for that lets go Detroit lol

I've been trying to find this video forever...and it JUST got posted on youtube.  Sorry I stole your mojo, lol..

Let your brothers know bout it too so they can put it in their archives.

Rassin frassin Red Wings.  I'm blaming Hskrdave.  He text'd me "Lets go Red Wings"...when he text's "Dead Wings" we win.  It's all HIS fault! lol

4/16/08   |   Crackersex   |   98 respect


April in the D April in the D! D!!!!


Wooo tigers 13-2 tonight! and Pistons!

I was HOPING you'd read this!!