Australian Boxing Match Ends In Massive Brawl
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Australian Boxing Is Way More Entertaining Than Anything We Have Over Here

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Last night, Joe Calzaghe defeated Roy Jones Jr. in what was a fairly entertaining fight at Madison Square Garden. But that fight couldn't hold a candle to the one that happened Friday in Australia between boxers Ahmed Elomar and Willie Kickett.

Well, actually, the fight itself was nothing incredibly special (Elomar won by knockout) but it's what happened afterward that was.

As the celebrations continued, it appeared heated words were soon exchanged between Elomar's supporters in the ring and Kickett's supporters outside it. Then a chair was launched into the ring.

It then erupted into a full-blown brawl, with chairs and water bottles hurled through the air

Now that's the kind of fight I would drop $50 bones to watch.

Let me just say one thing here. We all know that 99.9% of boxers roll with huge posses that consist of, well, thugs. But I'd have to imagine that these Australian posses are slightly more dangerous. After all, we all know that Australians are impervious to pain and constantly drunk, which is quite the combination.

On the plus side though, at least the fans were treated to two fights, which is fairly decent compensation for getting drilled in the head by a beer bottle.

Chair throwing brawl breaks out at Australian boxing match [
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