Australian Open ball girl removes giant cricket from the court

Australian Open ball girl doubles as an exterminator

1/21/12 in Tennis   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Apparently there are some serious infestation problems at the Australian Open this year. During a match between Lleyton Hewitt and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe, a huge cricket was causing a disturbance right behind Stebe.

Instead of doing the logical thing (in my opinion) and swatting it away with is racket, Stebe let a ball girl come and grab it with her bare hands and take it away from the playing area.

Call me what you want, but this girl handled it a LOT better than I would have. I don't know how much they pay her, but I don't think you could possibly pay me enough to be walking around picking up enormous bugs with my bare hands.

Kudos to this girl for saving the match. Far more impressive than I would have been, for sure.

Video H/T: Fark
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1/26/12   |   lazykidarr   |   2 respect

 there was a ball boy in a roger federer match who simply destroyed the poor bug to paste right there beside the court! *YUCK*