Austrian Rugby Team Dances Naked in Lithuania
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There Are Slightly Better Ways To Celebrate A 48-0 Loss

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Because it's Saturday, and it's slow, how about some naked dancing rugby players? You probably heard about this story already, where the Austrian national rugby team tried to get over their 48-0 loss to Lithuania by staging a mass striptease in the capital Vilnius. But now there's a full SFW video.

Apparently the worst investigation ever was conducted to figure who these guys were, after it was first assumed they were just a huge drunken bachelor party - which is more or less what a rugby team is when they're not on the field anyway.

Ultimately Lithuanian rugby federation President Aleksandras Makarenka was tracked down to confirm who the dancing idiots were. "Yes, these were the men we played against on Saturday ... I guess the defeat could have prompted them to do that."

Yes, defeat, or way too many beers.

There was also talk that Lithuanian authorities might charge the team with hooliganism, because of their group striptease, but by then the team had already left the country.

Keep up the excellent work Lithuanian police. You're making your country proud.

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5/17/08   |   poafhpocdi

There is a major difference between aussie - australian and austrian as in german speaking who were the strippers in vilnius.

many sites censor the video, best quality on delfi news site of lithuania.

why were they playing simon says? who knows but the best reaction of the night was a bystander who made a gesture about lack of size in nudity - the ultimate put down for a sports person who cares about their body perception clothed or unclothed

5/11/08   |   badsam1956

I guess we get the long and short of Aussie rugby. Maybe that's why they lost?