Bahrain Coach Uses His Car As A Goal To Get Goalie To Block More Shots

Here's A Good Way To Get The Most Out Of Your Goalie

4/29/09 in Soccer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm sure soccer coaches out there are constantly saying to themselves, "How do I get my goalkeeper more motivated during practice?" Well, the Bahrain national coach has the answer.

Drive your new Range Rover out onto the field and use it as a goal. Then tell your goalie that if any ball touches it, you'll kill him. Watch amazingly as the goalie suddenly tries a hell of a lot harder to block the barrage of balls kicked at his car.

I'm also willing to guess that certain NFL running backs might finally learn how to block a blitzing linebacker if you made the QB the head coach's car. Or better yet, their own car.

Coach does not want his car scratched [
With Leather]
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Yeah, that is nice, but I am looking for a goalie with better MPG.