Barehanded Helicopter Fishing Is All The Rage
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Yeah It's Cool, But It's Only A Marlin

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During the summer months, when literally nothing is going on except baseball, strange sports seemingly start to pop out of the woodwork.

It's not that they haven't been around before, it's just that you're finally noticing them because they have less competition. Either that or it's because they're so weird, you just can't help but notice them.

This sport would be one of the later. It's hell, damn, awesome, rad, barehanded helicopter fishing!

There's nothing that I can see that suggests this video is fake. It's pretty simple. You fly a guy out over the ocean, then have him dive straight into the water and have him wrestle an enormous marlin.

I only have two questions about this.

1. How is this legal?
2. How much do I have to pay this guy to go against a thresher shark?

By the way, the team's next plan is to try this on lions in the Serengeti. I predict that'll go just as well. Because they're professionals.
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If you eat Marlin, You may as well eat Sharks.. They taste about the same.

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The best fish is the one you catch.

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