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Barry Sanders Has A Kid, And He's Sort Of Good

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Barry Sanders was by far my favorite NFL player of all time. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I have a replica Sanders Detroit Lions jersey. In my mind, he's the best running back in NFL history next to Jim Brown. So, as you can guess, I was devastated when he retired early. But the good news is that while human cloning is quite yet available, at least Sanders had a kid.

Yep, Barry Sanders Jr. is a freshman high school running back in Oklahoma at Heritage Hall (private school) and he's already doing stuff like what you see above. That 64-yard run came during the Oklahoma Class 2A State Semi-Finals.

And as I said, the scary thing is he's only a freshman. He's already bigger than his dad, at least height-wise. I'm not sure he'll ever match the tree trunks for legs that his dad had. Anyway, here an interview that was done with Sanders Jr. before the football season started this year.

I'd expect him to be playing at Oklahoma State (dad's alma mater), or potentially some even bigger program, in 4 years, to say the least.
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I went to this school, although many, many years ago, but I still keep up with their football program.  This is the same HS that the the Patriot's Wes Welker attended in the late '90s, when they last won the OK 2A State Championship, which they will play for again this Saturday.  Welker got passed over by the major D1 colleges, with Mike Leach at Texas Tech offering a last minute scholarship when another recruit backed out at the eleventh hour.  I don't think Sander's Jr. will get overlooked by the top tier schools, he is only a freshman and just now coming into his own.  I am not sure whether or not he will feel he has an allegiance to OSU, but you can bet the coach Mike Gundy is already working the angle, but if he proves to have his father's talent, you canbet that Bob Stoops, among many others, will come a callin' as well.  This will be a fun kid to follow for the next three years and on into his college.

12/11/08   |   larrystarstruck   |   23 respect

 Very impressive to say the least. Good instincts. This was a text book example of how to run away from the blitz. That should have been a broken play and not the gain he got. Sanders didn't give up on the play at all and turned it to points. Very good eyes for a young player.

12/11/08   |   matto214

sc0ttm0 wrote:
Hope your wrong about him going to OSU, he'd look better wearing red

Not Ohio State! hell no! Ohio State have many WRs and RBs. and they are overrated. Barry Jr must go Oklahoma State, please! I think Barry Jr's position is Wide Reciever because of his height so he is compare to Percy Harvin!

12/11/08   |   sc0ttm0   |   807 respect

Hope your wrong about him going to OSU, he'd look better wearing red

12/11/08   |   justin_7773   |   4691 respect

Kid is looking good .... He seems very humble like his dad.

12/11/08   |   brianmc0331   |   10 respect

Running like that as a freshman against bigger more physically mature kids is amazing, lets just hope 6-8 years down the road when he goes 1st overall that Detroit still isn't the worst.

12/11/08   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

what a beast