Ben Cahoon Helmet Catch During CFL Montreal Alouettes vs Saskatchewan Rough Riders

The CFL Might Actually Be Worth Watching From Time To Time, Like This Catch By Ben Cahoon

7/20/09 in CFL   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Normally I don't really keep up with the CFL, but I have to admit... this catch by Ben Cahoon was pretty awesome. It was reminiscent of plays like David Tyree's ridiculous Super Bowl catch, and Tyrone Prothro's catch a few years ago for Alabama.

Nicely done, Ben. Apparently he's also a part-time kicker, as well. I'm not posting that video, because it's kind of boring, but it's over on With Leather's post about it. Impressive, Mr. Cahoon. Maybe I'll watch the CFL, if I happen to bump into it while I'm channel surfing.

This CFL Catch: Awesome In Any Language [With Leather]
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7/21/09   |   the_whip   |   36 respect

it's better than watching the Lions play

7/21/09   |   Kortecks87

 Like we say in Montreal,
#86, Ben Cahooooooooon.   
He's actually a great receiver and gets Calvillo out of bad situations almost every game.

7/20/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

The CFL is great. It is pure football. No overrated team destroying diva wide receivers, no cornerbacks who love to make it rain, no halfbacks populating America by making baby after baby after baby, and no quarterbacks who just don't know when to go the hell away.

7/20/09   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25314 respect

Debi_L wrote:
sheesh, I've been saying this all along! CFL ROCKS!

Agreed.. I'm very pleased Altitude, who runs the Avs and Nuggets games here, has been showing the TSN feed of most CFL games this year

7/20/09   |   lleedubb   |   32 respect

Them boys in the CFL ain't no joke!

7/20/09   |   the_whip   |   36 respect

CFL has always been fun to watch

7/20/09   |   ary201   |   213 respect

C'est bon!

7/20/09   |   dukepirates252

this is almost the same thing as Prothro's catch for Alabama a few years back....lets hope he does not suffer the same fate as him.

7/20/09   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

sheesh, I've been saying this all along! CFL ROCKS!

7/20/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Hey this dude's catch looks exactly like mine! Hey, have the Giants sign him!

David Tyree