Bloggers React: A little light shines on The Dark Side

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Besides throwing up in my mouth a little when learning of the Broadway-esque announcement, I'm really enjoying Roger Clemens return to pinstripes. It's put the spotlight again on the scope of fan bias and hypocracy. (I've already shown mine if you can't tell)

Regardless of where Roger was to land, the winning team fan base would cheer approvingly. "Way to go [insert GM] to get an impact pitcher. We're going to win it all!". And the rival fan bases would call out what a money-hungry, media whore Roger Clemens is and the classic, "We don't need him."

The fact he's landed with the most polarizing team in baseball, if not sports, just adds even more fuel to the fan fire. Here's a not-so-surprising reaction across the media and blogosphere:

First, Curt Schilling with his typically political response  ...
The media had much to say and ask about it after the game and my answer was the same as I think a lot of guys in our clubhouse; so what? Would it have been nice to pitch with Roger Clemens? Absolutely. Would he have helped us be a better team? I honestly don’t know. Julian has held his own in the 5th spot and we got a young left hander that went 7-2 last year in the big leagues that’s chomping at the bit to get back here. I am sure his signing was a pretty nice lift for them given the decimating injuries they’ve gone through to this point but I felt before the season, and even more so now, that this team is built to win a World Series as it’s comprised right now. We have the pieces, we have the chemistry and to this point we’ve had our health. If we stay somewhat healthy through the year then our fate will be totally on us. We don’t need anyone else to ‘get us over the hump’ or make that late push. This roster right now can win a World Series, but it’s going to fall on the players to make that happen. 
Peter Abraham (LoHud Yankee Blog) was obviously sold by the drama ...

We weren’t there when Babe Ruth called his shot. Lou Gehrig’s speech wasn’t televised across the country. But we all saw what happened today live and in living color and it was part of baseball history.

One of the greatest pitchers ever, if not the greatest, stood in front of a huge crowd and made a stunning announcement that he was returning to the game.

Yeah, it’s all about money. But sometimes it’s all about the chill down your spine, too.

You may not be surprised to know Lizzy from Babes Love Baseball is a Red Sox fan ...
Roger Clemens. Let me just preface this by saying that my burning hatred of this fat, balding man has very little to do with his abrupt departure from the Red Sox (I've totally forgiven Wade Boggs, and Johnny Damon is just too dumb) but his need to feed the beast that is his Sidney Ponson sized ego!
See, I have this horrific mental picture of Roger jerking off to newspaper articles about himself but after they are three days old, Little Roger can no longer rise to the occasion. And since the only other thing capable of giving him a boner, Andy Pettitte, isn't around anymore, Elephant Ass needs to make more news.
So, it's "there's an 80 percent chance I'll return," then it's "there's a 90 percent chance I won't return." Clearly, these were all lies fed from the teet of Clemens to the eagerly waiting mouths of the wretched media. Look at how he announced it - during the 7th inning stretch. At Yankee Stadium. FROM THE OWNERS BOX. I certainly hope they passed out diapers to members of the New York Media for when they all blew their collective loads at the announcement.
Pinstripe Alley thinks there's plenty more to the signing ...
It's not often there is virtually no objection by Yankee fans to a free-agent signing.  Regardless of the amount of cash it took to bring him back to The Bronx, the Yankees needed Clemens in the worst way if they are going to make a run at the division title.

This is purely speculation on my part, but I have a theory about Clemens and the exchange he had with Steinbrenner during Spring Training that Clemens says he will reveal "when the time is right."

Although there may be quite a bit more to the story, I think Steinbrenner wants to retire Clemens' jersey #22 and enshrine him in Monument Park with a "Roger Clemens Day."  Clemens is a baseball historian as much as anyone and I think the idea of having his own monument next to Babe Ruth and immortalized in Yankee history intrigued him.

Yes, Clemens is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and is going to be enshrined in Cooperstown soon enough, but he has only played 5 seasons in NY and has enjoyed most of his success in other uniforms (his 2 World Series rings notwithstanding).

Again, there is probably a lot more to this story than a retired number, but I believe that is one of the perks Steinbrenner was whispering in his ear during Spring Training.

Of course, the $28M pro-rated contract might've had something to do with it as well.

Joy Sox has the statement that sums up fan response ...
Good. I did not want to spend any of my summer evenings rooting for that asshole.
Am I alone in thinking Yanks fans would be saying the same thing this morning if he returned a little further north of New York.

My reaction? Roger Clemens isn't my favorite, obviously, but I think he gets unnecessarily vilified with his continual returns to baseball. If he signed with the Cubs I'd be ecstatic, but I'm not cussing him today. Baseball is about winning games and pleasing fans. New York did both yesterday, even if the announcement was over-the-top. What's wrong with that (other than they were Yankee fans)? Clemens has earned the right to command that much money and to pitch when and where he pleases. My most overwhelming reaction is that this makes baseball all the more interesting. As a fan of the game, I'm a fan he's returned to the Evil Empire. We love to root for our teams as much as we love to root against others.
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"Julian has held his own in the 5th spot"

Don't lie to us, Curt. No one is really going to believe that BS.

Roger Clemens or Julian Tavarez? Let's see...I'd take a 75-year old Clemens over Tavarez in his prime any day.