Bruno Senna Hits Dog During GP2 Race
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Bruno Senna is Barking Mad as GP2 Race Goes to the Dogs

5/12/08 in Formula One   |   Jon   |   5 respect

On my way home last night, I saw two coyotes dart out in front of a car.  The car slowed down, and the coyotes went on their way. One of their distant canine relatives was not quite as lucky during this weekend's GP2 race in Istanbul, Turkey.

Watch as driver Bruno Senna (nephew of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna) enters the pits with heavy damage from an unknown source. He eventually can be overheard explaining it all though: "F---ing dog in the middle of the circuit, man!"

Sure enough, not one but two dogs had wandered on to the track in the middle of the race. The 2nd dog brought out a caution. The first, well, you can see what it did to Bruno's right front wheel. The video doesn't show too much of the incident, but if you don't want to see a dog getting hit by a race car, you might want to skip this one.

Following in the trend of last week's horse attack, I fully expect to see a story soon where a dog driving a car runs over a human. This war between animals and man is only just starting.

Senna retires after hitting dog during GP2 race (Reuters)
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5/12/08   |   Irishrdhd1   |   119 respect

This is why I don't allow the cat to watch television.

5/12/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Mike Vick approves.

5/12/08   |   Irishrdhd1   |   119 respect

It's a conspiracy!how about all the people who are getting knocked out of their boats by billfish?and people getting knocked unconscious by manta rays?