Cadel Evans Headbutts Camera, Slaps Reporter, Threatens People At Tour de France

Cadel Evans Is Having One Hell Of A Tour de France

7/23/08 in Cycling   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm not a big fan of cycling now that Lance Armstrong is out of the sport. Well, I've actually never been a fan of cycling, period. But if Australian Cadel Evans keeps doing what he's been doing the whole Tour de France, which is berating and assaulting the hell out of reporters, then I might just become a fan.

Let's take a look at some of his highlights from the Tour, shall we?

Cadel had crashed and hurt his shoulder a few days before this interview after stage 10 of the Tour. He, uh, wasn't too pleased when a reporter put his hand on his tender shoulder. REALLY, not pleased.

A little bit later, after losing the yellow jersey, he gave an interview while someone was apparently standing on his dog (not sure why he has his dog with him, but whatever). Cadel took it in threatening to cut the guy's head off.

And after the recent 16th stage of the Tour, Cadel decided he'd had enough of a Belgian TV crew. So in the spirit of Zidane, he gave their camera a headbutt.

Don't worry though, Cadel wasn't ejected for that headbutt. He's also in 4th place, which I think is good. It'll keep him pissed off and hopefully keeps him beating up and threatening more reporters.

By the way, I realize Cadel's voice is pretty high, but they've gotta be testing this guy for testosterone injections, right? I mean, if ever a guy was giving off red flags that he's on something, it's Cadel.
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