Cam Sinclair Does First Competitive Freestyle Competition Double Backflip
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A Double Backflip? Man, That's Just Par For The Course.

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We seem to be getting to the point where motocross riders will basically have to defy the law of gravity in order to do any crazier tricks. Anyway, last weekend rider Cam Sinclair nailed the first double-backflip in a competitive freestyle run (double backflips have been performed in single trick events).

Considering rider Jeremy Lusk died last year doing just a single backflip, I think it's fair to say that, uh, to be the best in this sport you have to quite literally put your life on the line.

Which means I will continue to be amazed by these videos from the comfort of my couch, where the greatest risk I run is eating a stale Dorito.
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7/30/09   |   sarfopatient

tereyaadme222 wrote:


7/30/09   |   sarfopatient

djjfrench wrote:
 Re-sick-diculous.  This just made me create a new word.

hello please dear can we have a chat now.

7/15/09   |   tereyaadme222


7/14/09   |   salasangie24


7/13/09   |   jeffgpalma

single b.flip i think is common... the double one he did... omg!

7/13/09   |   chinmi200


7/12/09   |   aidil3012


7/9/09   |   davidbasara

that is freaking awsome....i wanna get into motorcross sometime early in my life.....i figure if you can do a backflip on a BMX bike, shouldnt be too hard on a motorized vehicle, right?

7/8/09   |   Vilen

Wow. Can't imagine the commitment necessary to pull it off

7/7/09   |   ecleo_melody

your great

7/4/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Motocross riders putting their lives on the line eh? We daredevils put our lives on the line too!

-Evel Kanevel

7/4/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

djjfrench wrote:
 Re-sick-diculous.  This just made me create a new word.

I think he was saying a few choice words while doing that flip...but not appropriate for the Q

7/4/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

 Re-sick-diculous.  This just made me create a new word.