Can You Ball? Missouri Tigers May Need Your Help Tonight After Suspending 5

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In case you haven't made your pick yet for tonight's Missouri vs Nebraska Big XII game, go ahead and click that circle next to the Huskers.

Coach Mike Anderson has suspended five of his key players after they were involved in a night club brawl early Sunday morning. Awesome. So now the team's leading scorer Stefhon Hannah -- who impressively picked up a season ending broken jaw, Jason Horton, Marshall Brown, Darryl Butterfield and Leo Lyons will be gone at least for tonight's game.

That leaves the Tigers with just 6 scholarship players. This lack of depth wouldn't be such a problem for, say, Northwestern who runs a slow down offense. Mizzou on the other hand runs a balls to the wall, 40 minutes of hell, attack full-court press and high-tempo offense. They've got problems.

So if you're in the general vicinity of Missouri, you might be able to get yourself some PT tonight.

I hear this guy might be available

MU coach suspends five [STLtoday]
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1/30/08   |   SOS

My comment is on the video.  It should be illegal to tape me without my consent.

1/30/08   |   Jon   |   5 respect

It's nice to see a coach suspending that many players, no matter what effect it has on his team.