Clutch The Bear Is The Funniest Mascot In The NBA

The NBA: Where Mascots Getting Kicked In The Skittles Happens

11/20/08 in NBA   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Clutch the Bear is Houston's inflatable bear mascot. Clutch also has a series of Youtube videos of him just scaring people called "Beware the Bear".

Here is Clutch's latest video. In this one he stands motionless next to a contest table, allowing people to think that it isn't the real Clutch and take pictures with him. That is when the hilarity ensues.

The best part of that video is when the little girl decides that she has had enough of that scary bear, and gives him a swift kick to the man region.

Clutch has also blown an air horn to scare Houston Rockets employees as the exit an elevator.

Clutch has also ate cheerleaders whole. At home.

And on the road.

In my humble opinion, Clutch the Bear has surpassed the Phoenix Gorilla, the San Diego Chicken, and every other mascot to become the best mascot in the sports world.

[H/T for first video to Basketbawful]
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11/20/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

He is awesome, and he is going to make an attorney very happy one day.

I wonder if Clutch would have pulled the old air horn trick to the ol' Chuckster when he was a Rocket. I have a feeling Charles would have eaten him on the spot, out of anger.