College GameDay in Eugene: ESPN Actually Headed to A Non-USC Pac-10 School

9/25/07 in NCAAF   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Sorry Appalachian State, but you now have company as the biggest upset of the year. ESPN's College GameDay is headed west, and not to Southern California.

Eugene here we come, one of the finest campuses in country finally gets some attention that doesn't have to do with the uniforms.

If you think they aren't excited, here's some footage from outside Autzen Stadium on Sunday night. Over/Under on classes attented this week by Ducks students: 3?

p.s. Todd - we expect a FanIQ sign during GameDay!
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9/25/07   |   Todd

CriticalFanatic wrote:
BTW, I think by obsessive ... he meant that in a good way.

He may have.  But now, students at Oregon are fickle... one loss and the section will be half empty.  We packed 'em in during the 3-8 record years [old man voice]... in my day.


This game is bringing EVERYONE out of the woodwork.  Funny how that always is, when it's on the national stage.

9/25/07   |   CriticalFanatic

Todd wrote:
The line was for student tickets (watch the video).

BTW, I think by obsessive ... he meant that in a good way.

9/25/07   |   Todd

I just love seeing people being such obsessive fans that they camp out for something like GameDay a week in advance.  Go Ducks!

The line was for student tickets (watch the video).

9/25/07   |   Todd

I will do my best to get a FanIQ sign within visible range.

9/25/07   |   Beatuofa

Just before USC hired Pete Carroll, the northwest schools were all doing really well and there was speculation that the balance of power in the Pac 10 was going to move north.  But UW fell apart in the wake of the Neuheisel era, Oregon and Bellotti stagnated and underachieved, Oregon State slowed down when Dennis Erickson left and Washington State began a slow decline once Mike Price left.  Then once Carroll got things ramped up at USC, that was it.  And with LA being the biggest media market with a college football team (sorry, NYC and Rutgers don't count...yet) of course they are gonna get all the love from ESPN.  Good to see them coming out west.  Hopefully my Sun Devils can give them another reason to venture to this side of the country later this year.

9/25/07   |   theshrewdone

It is quite perplexing.  If I recall, it wasn't that long ago when 3 or 4 of the Oregon/Washington schools were all ranked in the top 25...for 2 or 3 years in a row.  But, what do I know...their combined TV audience is nothing compared to it couldn't have been true...just a figment of my imagination, I guess.

9/25/07   |   Seth   |   301 respect

I didn't even know ESPN knew the Pac Ten had more than one team.