Da' Tara Beats Tired Big Brown: 2008 Belmont Stakes Race Results
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Rick Dutrow Jr. Will Be Having The Crow With Mango Salsa

6/7/08 in Horse Racing   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Belmont's 1.5 mile track was too much for Big Brown.

Kent Desormeaux may have very well saved the sport of horse racing a major headache by pulling up on his champion horse when he realized Big Brown wasn't himself.

For most of the race I think we all figured Big Brown was just pacing himself in third place, waiting for the big push that we've seen at the Derby and Preakness. But during the final turn, Big Brown fell swiftly from 3rd to last to completely out of the picture.

Another year without a triple crown horse. Disappointing for many, but if you'd listened to trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. recently, it's nice to see karma play it's hand.

You also have to remember that Big Brown probably deserved to lose as well, since he'd been getting the Barry Bonds treatment. Dutrow shoots his horses up with the steroid Winstrol every month, which is legal in horseracing, but is frowned upon. Naturally Big Brown didn't get a steroid shot before the Belmont, which calls in to question how legit he ever was.
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6/8/08   |   RedBirdRage

kizzlep wrote:
I am still wondering why Kent pulled him up...fixed! lol
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He definitely didn't have the oomph on that move outside like he did in the Derby.


I'm kinda glad because Dutrow is a first class douchebag... I learned that firsthand.

6/8/08   |   kizzlep

I am still wondering why Kent pulled him up...fixed! lol