Dario Franchitti Wins Toronto Indy

Tempers, Crashes And Close Quarters, But Dario Gets It Done, With Ashley By His Side, Of Course

7/12/09 in IndyCar   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I'm that rarest of racing fans.  I just simply love racing.

Yes, NASCAR is my main sport, but it's Sunday and the NASCAR race was on last night, so today's sports lineup included F1 and Indy Racing and LPGA Golf.

The F1 race was okay.

The Indy Race from Toronto was one of the better I've seen in a while, and yes, it was a road course, which normally I don't like.

Dario Franchitti won the race, with Ashley at his side.  Ryan Briscoe and Will Power rounded out the podium, but the race was filled with cautions, some of which were full course when it wasn't necessary.

Paul Tracy and Helio Castroneves got together in a crash that had both of them refusing to give and took both of them out of the race

And in interviews after the race, both denied anything was deliberate, calling it a racing deal, but Helio did bring up the 2002 Indianapolis 500, where Paul Tracy was given second place rather than the win because of a scoring loop.

The race continued, with more and more on track contact, including this one between another Canadian, Alex Tagliana, Mario Moraes and Thomas Scheckter.  Scheckter was so annoyed at Tags that he waited for him on the track and threw his gloves at him.  The gloves cost around $250 and caused little damage, but the message was received, if not acknowledged.

As I said, it was one of the better races, with lots of on track passing.  Let's just hope IRL can figure out how to bring this kind of excitement to the ovals soon.
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7/19/09   |   ginsbrokenbones

hes old school but good

7/12/09   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

When anyone says all street races are boring, we can point to this race. It also shows that track diversity is a good thing.

The racing was great throughout, especially with PT, who was on a mission all day until the incident. My other quibbles were despite all the excitement, Penske and Ganassi were still the whole top four, and ABC's coverage was just awful. This is it for ABC this year, and hopefully next time Reid and Goodyear either improve or are replaced.

7/12/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Normally, I am with you 100%.  I tuned in because there was nothing better on, and was surprised.  I had NO expectations of the race and that might be why I enjoyed it so much. 

7/12/09   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

I have been to the f1 street race in Long Beach and also the Cart race in Vancouver several times each, and i hope the era of street races is over....one of the joys of a road course is moving around and seeing the track from several vantage points over the weekend. At a street race, even on Friday you get a ticket for one seat and there is where you sit...true they bring in fans from the area that would normally not attend a race it is a very sterile experiance...I would love to see the irl run at Laguna Seca or Mosport where they can stretch their legs instead of being in a concrete canyon racing in short spurts from one corner to another.....street races are fun but they are not true racing in my opinion......