Dave Mercer Casts First Pitch At Blue Jays Vs Orioles Game

Dave Mercer's Cast Was One Of The Best First Pitches Of The Year. Too Bad No One Was There To Watch It.

9/23/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Facts of Fishing host Dave Mercer tossed one of the best first pitches I've ever seen... or first casts, rather. His first cast was pretty solid, but it was dropped. His second attempt was a nearly perfect strike, and was actually ridiculously impressive.

This is the first ever opening cast, and definitely one of the best opening "pitches" I've seen all year. Too bad the stands were so noticeably empty.

Dave Mercer Throws Out The First Ever Opening Cast At Jays Game [TPS] via [Hot Clicks]
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9/26/09   |   cajunbuckeye   |   243 respect

Did he think that the ball had a hook in it , kinda looked like he was afraid of something that he made he living by,catching balls....and who thought of this publicity stunt, by the look of the stands he/she is at the bottom of the barrel......well it is at the end of the season her/his budget is probably down to a couple bags of peanuts and a jug of beer......

9/24/09   |   priyaactive

What's with the baseball player being afraid to catch a 40mph pitch, er, cast? I thought ball players got over their fear of the baseball when they were, like 12 years old.

9/23/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

I'm wondering, will he use the baseball as bait, the next time he goes fishing? Just curious.

9/23/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

nice rod.
that's what she said.

9/23/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

If a man dressed as a Sprint Cup car casts a perfect strike in an empty stadium, does anybody see it?  Praise YouTube!