David Beckham Scores 70-Yard Goal
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David Beckham Is King Of American Soccer

5/26/08 in Soccer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I somehow missed this Beckham goal from Saturday because, you know, it happened in MLS. As you can probably guess, MLS is somewhere between curling and pro alligator wrestling on my list of favorite sports to watch, so the fact that I'm posting on this at all is some sort on minor miracle.

But anyway, here's Becks showing that even though he can't hang in Europe anymore, he's still 10 times better than anyone we've got here in the states. Kansas City's goalie decided to come up during stoppage time to get an extra guy in the box for one last corner kick. It didn't work out so well.

Just so you know, this isn't the first time Becks has done this. He once did this as a young lad at Man U. The Man U goal is truly something awesome.
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5/27/08   |   SouthernMissfan

kizzlep wrote:

lol...any of those players could have scored on an open goal

Do you know how big a goal looks that far away?? not very big. i think it can be compared to a 60 yard field goal, or longer.

5/26/08   |   Chaseisawsome19

Was the Goalie even trying in the 2nd video?

5/26/08   |   kizzlep

lol...any of those players could have scored on an open goal