Davidson Elite Eight: We're All Just Paying Rent In Stephen Curry's World

3/29/08 in NCAABB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

I didn't think it'd be possible for Stephen Curry to elevate his status, even with a win, but the face of this NCAA Tournament is now king of all things college basketball. Your rent check is due.

Never overlook the Gus Johnson factory, either. As sure as Curry is of hitting an open look, Gus is going to call an upset. Although from opening tip it didn't look like Davidson was much of an underdog and in the end it wasn't even close.

33 points (22 in the 2nd) on 11-22 shooting (6-11 from three) for a 73-56 Wildcats win. Best individual performance I've ever watched in the tournament and likely it'll stay that way for a long time. Worth pointing out his buddy Jason Richards had 13 assists and 0 Turnovers. That's how you win basketball games.

Stephen Curry's effort was almost enough to make me forget about the ass kicking in Houston this morning.

Memphis 92, Michigan St 74 I'm just happy it wasn't worse. It's hard to tell from my vantage point, but I'd like to think that John Calipari's team played as good a half of basketball as they or anyone has played all year in the 1st half. The Spartans might as well have just curled up in a little ball and sucked their thumbs while Derrick Rose, CDR and Joey Dorsey abused them. I'm not sure whether I'd rather watch that first half over again, or watch Notre Dame football come back on the JLS Spartans. Tough call. If Memphis can bottle up that first half again for Sunday, I don't think Texas has much of a chance, either.

Texas 82, Stanford 62 Like most of you I spent the first window watching the Stephen Curry show, but the few glimpses caught of this game it never seemed that big of a deficit. The only stat line needed to show: Cardinal starting backcourt was 2 of 17 from the field.

Kansas 72, Villanova 57 The pre-Final Four scrimmages continue. I shouldn't doubt Curry, but they may have finally met their match. Should get run off of Ford Field.
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3/30/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

I still think Curry will need to develop at least some semblance of a passing game to nail down a slot in any NBA rotation.  He's way too small to get big minutes at the 2.

I agree to an extent, but if you have a shot like that (that he can create for himself) the NBA will find a place for him.

3/29/08   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

Some of us shoot baskets on an old wooden backboard with a rusted rim and no net. I'm pretty sure Stephen Curry shot baskets in a gym everyday...He runs the pick-n-roll like NBA guards do. He's young, but the NBA will find a place for him real soon. Curry is only 20, and he's just a little bit taller and bigger than Tony Parker!

3/29/08   |   Janse

If Kansas beats Davidson then they would have not had to play a higher seed than 8. Is that record?

I have nothing more to say about Davidson. If Carolina beast Louisville tonight, I almost want to see Kansas. Almost.

3/29/08   |   Scott   |   54841 respect

I'm a Big Ten guy and I was shocked at just how easy both Wisconsin and Michigan State were manhandled.  The Badgers had no answers for Curry and Company in the 2nd half and were outplayed in every facet of the game, which is unheard of for a Bo Ryan team.  I thought Michigan St. had a legit shot to knock off Memphis not only because of there defense but because of the Izzo factor, who seems to always have a plan.  However, it was very clear early on that the Big Ten style of tough, in your face, bodying up defense doesnt really matter when you are facing a team that is much more quicker and athletic then you are.