Dolphins' Will Allen Investigated By Police For Pulling Gun In Gambling Dispute

I Hope He Didn't Bet On The Dolphins Last Year

5/18/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Whenever you hear "pro athlete" and "gambling debts" in the same sentence, that's never a good thing. It's even worse when you hear "pulled a gun" in the same sentence as well.

But that's apparently what was going on with the Dolphins' Will Allen of late. Police are investigating a dispute between Allen and another individual in which Allen supposedly pulled out a gun.

A report on Miami's WPLG-Channel 10 alleged that Allen borrowed money to pay gambling debts. When repayment was demanded, hilariously in the parking lot of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Allen pulled out a gun.

No arrests have been made, but the big problem here is that Allen has gambling debts. The NFL tells players not to associate with gamblers, let alone get into a position where they have to repay shady guys for having taken out loans to repay gambling debts.

It's not known if Allen was betting on anything in relationship to the Dolphins, but that hardly matters. The danger is that if Allen has gambling debts, he'd potentially have to make up for them on the football field. And if I learned anything from the movie The Last Boy Scout, it's that that's always a bad thing.
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5/19/08   |   callcenter001

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5/19/08   |   Irishrdhd1   |   119 respect

Repayment was demanded in a Bed,Bath and Beyond parking lot?!that is hilarious.It would have been even funnier if repayment had been demanded in the parking lot of a nail salon.

5/18/08   |   Scott Senay

I've been counting down the days till we have an onfield gun incident but I thought it would have been the Raiders.