Donovan McNabb Picks Up A Telephone On The Giants Bench

Hello, Kurt? This Is Donovan. Just Wanted To Let You Know We'll Be Stopping By On Sunday.

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Donovan McNabb got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, for dialing long distance on someone else's phone during the Philadelphia Eagles 23-11 win over the New York Giants.

McNabb ran for 8 yards on a second down play, and ran out of bounds into the Giants bench area. He picked up the phone, and pretended to talk to someone, and was promptly flagged for a 15 yard penalty, pushing the Eagles back from a 3rd and 1 to a 3rd and 16. After the game, he immediately said that he regretted his actions after that play.

Anyone have any idea who he was calling? I have a few guesses:
  • Brenda Warner, to ask if he could come over Kurt's house and play next weekend
  • Terrell Owens, to ask how his offseason is going
  • Eagles fans who were shouting for Kevin Kolb during the season
  • Donovan's mom, asking her to have a bowl of Campbell's Chunky ready for him after the game
Any other ideas of who he may have been calling?
The only question left is: How much will the fine be?
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1/12/09   |   Superbleeder   |   94 respect

can't wait to go to the game.  All green all day.

1/12/09   |   snbslugger

Eagles are going to the Super Bowl, again, with a different outcome.

On February 1, we'll spell redemption D-O-N.

1/12/09   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

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Baltimore beat the Steelers the second time they played. Holmes was not in the damn end zone!

1/12/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

1-80-GMEN-DONE.  Steagles SB let's go!

1/11/09   |   onelimitsoulja

ya gotta believe!!!!!!!! i predict the Eagles in the superbowl with the pittsburgh steelers...kudos to brian dawkins in the post season