Drunk Soccer Ref At Belarus Match

If You Had To Ref A Soccer Game, I'm Sure You'd Do The Same Thing

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By now, I think a fair number of people have seen this drunken ref video. That's ok though, because it never gets old.

But I'm sure not many people know the background. You know this drunken fool/hero reffed the whole game drunk? This video isn't from the beginning of the game, or even from halftime. It's from when the game was over. And naturally it's from former Soviet Block country Belarus.

Anyway, ref Sergei Shmolik - whose name instantly suggests he was drunk on Vodka - entertained the crowd for basically the whole game of the league match. But this is my favorite sentence by far from the report on the game:
Shmolik was hardly moving by the end of the match, which ended in a 1-1 draw, officiating from the central circle by the end of the game.
Now that's just classic. It also says something about the level of tolerance soccer fans have for crappy reffing. It's so high that they'll let a drunk, practically passed out ref call the game from mid field for a half.

Now, some people might get mad at this guy, but that's a shame. I mean, I see his side of the argument. I'd totally be drinking too if I had to ref a soccer match. It's not like anything happens anyway.
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7/10/08   |   TheBigThree   |   1 respect

I watch this video and laugh.  I watch this video and believe there's hope for humanity yet.