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1/17/07 in NCAABB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

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Who would you draft first - Durant or Oden?
Kevin Durant, Texas
Greg Oden, Ohio State

Did you happen to catch the Oklahoma State-Texas dual last night? If you didn't all you missed was:

Game of the Year
Shot of the Year
Player of the Year

That's all.

The Game - Triple OT, 16 total lead changes which felt as though they were all in OT, and two dualing stars. Combine that with the fervishness of Gallagher-Iba Arena and it was a game to remember.

The Shot - See above. Absurd. Byron Eaton ... I want you to try that 10 more times and make just one.

The Player - Sure OSU's Mario Boggan was special ... 37 pts, 20 boards and the game winning shot. Head coach Sean Sutton said, "Mario [Boggan]'s performance was, I thought, the best I've ever seen." But also had a comment for Texas Freshman Kevin Durant ... "The best performance I've ever seen by an opposing player at Gallagher-Iba." Insert any arena and that's precisely the point I would like to make. I think Greg Oden is phenominal (obviously, I've addressed him enough) but I think Kevin Durant is better. Let's put it this way ... getting the second pick in the draft this year will be just as exciting. Durant can stroke the three with any SG in the country, can rebound, can roll of screens with a quick release, can take it to the rim. Without rambling on too much more I'll get to the point ... He's the best freshman player I've ever seen in college basketball. And if he continues to improve like he's done from November until now, March should be fun.
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