Erin Andrews Talks About Dealing With The Internet

Matt Leinart Could Probably Learn A Thing Or Two From Erin Andrews

5/13/08 in Media   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

There's no question that it's tough to do what Erin Andrews does. She has to ask college and pro athletes ridiculous questions while being gawked at by horny fools pretty much 24/7. And in this age of digital everything, nothing she does in a public setting goes unnoticed.

I think that would drive 99% of us absolutely nuts, but Andrews seems to understand that it's just part of the game these days. You regrettably can't change it, so you might as well learn to live with it.

But she also brings up another good point, that you need to be careful out there, because people are watching your every move. I'm not thrilled myself that athletes - and sideline reporters - are now having their privacy invaded at a rate once reserved only for celebrities, but the web has made that the norm now.

I can understand that Matt Leinart and numerous other athletes don't like having their parties photographed and plastered all over the web. After all, it's not like they're doing anything different than a lot of other people out there.

But in an age where celebrity news is slurped up at a much higher rate than anything of true value, it's what people want. And we're of course guilty of amplifying it on this site as well. Although admittedly not nearly to the same degree that other sites do.

It might not be fair that Leinart's party photos are somehow news over my party photos, but it's the way it is, and it isn't going to change. Athletes like Leinart can do whatever they want, it's their life, but if they want to avoid being splashed across the increasingly voyeuristic web, they'd probably be best to take Andrews' advice.

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5/14/08   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

Also..   I love how some people have such a problem with the attention when it is negative (nose job, you are horrible, lose 5 pounds...   you are nothing compared to Shana Hiatt..  or the pictures they snap are not flattering)..  but they seem to have no troubles cashing those paychecks when the diehard/devoted/obsessed/whateveryoucallthem fans lead to viewership goes up or another show wants you or you get an extra magazine shoot or whatever perk or opportunity arises..   and frankly, in her case, most of those things are based on the huge fanbase she has--   which the majority of which are not purely interested in her insights into the sport...


So please bloggers and feminists and bleeding hearts of the world, keep talking about how unfair it is that there is constant interest in them so seeing them is a cell-phone-worthy moment..      meanwhile, they can keep cashing those paychecks and taking advantage of the opportunities that come out of society's interest in them.


I think Erin does have one part right..  don't complain, simply make sure to look good whenever you go anywhere.

5/14/08   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

I disagree with the writer of this blog..    Celebrities are celebrities..   Sideline reporters and athletes are both in the public eye and make their living at least partially based on whether people are interested in them or not...    If no one went to games or watched them on TV, Athletes would not make much money nor would the sport last long (as a few leagues could attest in the past, I imagine)....      And if no one liked or cared about the sideline reporter or they were hated, they would be out of a job.


so if you make your living based on going into the public eye or performing in it, especially on TV (which erin does) or movies then you will be treated as a celebrity, and it is just as fair to do it to Erin Andrews as a movie star..   both make their living either entertaining us or failing to.

5/14/08   |   JCMurphy4

And its even more brutal when Freeney blindsides her from the weak side while she's asking Flip Saunders where he gets his ties. She does look good doing it though.

5/14/08   |   staffbb43   |   3 respect

i don't really think it's unfair....i'll gladly deal with all the crap leinhart does for the paychecks he's getting

5/14/08   |   Damondogg31   |   4 respect

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Erin where art thou?

5/13/08   |   HHReynolds

Impressive.  She handled herself tremendously well.

5/13/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Yeah Leinart, how about mixing in a workout. Look I know carrying Nick Lachey takes a lot of work, but the Cards are paying you good money to be an NFL QB, so drop the beer bong and the ads and hit the weight room or sit in the film room. Look Kurt Warner ain't resting he out training I mean he has a that live in Marine trainer, oh wait that his wife. Well you get the point. Also if you are going to "doing it big" at your home with ASU coed's, then confiscate the camera phones you assclam. If you don't, then do not be surprised when this stuff ends up on the web.



5/13/08   |   bigslacker

You know, life's not fair.  Erin is good looking AND smart, while I'm at best average in both accounts.  Just ask my wife...