Fan Beats Ref During 1976 Finals

Here's An NBA Fan Doing Exactly What I'd Like To Do

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With all the crappy reffing that's been going on in these NBA Finals, combined with Tim Donaghy saying games are rigged anyway, I know fans aren't pleased.

So, in honor of the fan hatred directed at NBA refs right now, here's an old clip from the 1976 NBA Finals, where a Boston Celtics fan was so pissed at a call he ran out on to the floor and put ref Richie Powers in a headlock. I'd like to do the same thing to a few refs these days myself.

Powers actually got the call right, which was that the game wasn't over after Havelcik hit the shot. However, I'm sure the fact that Phoenix proceeded to to force the game into a third overtime after that didn't help that Boston fan any.

By the way, Boston wound up winning, but the biggest piece of controversy in the game actually came in the first overtime. With the score tied, and three seconds left, the Celtics' Paul Silas wanted a timeout, but the Celtics had none left. That should have been a technical foul, but guess who refused to call it - Richie Powers.

Boston ultimately won the championship, but that never sat well with the Suns. Al Bianchi, then-assistant coach of the Suns, had a ring made which had the words "F*** You, Richie Powers" inscribed.

So see, refs have been horrible forever.

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Steve Javie better watch his back tonight.