FanIQ Video Vault: Nelson Piquet Reacts Wonderfuly to a Crash
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Nelson Piquet, Kung Fu Fighter

6/8/08 in Formula One   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

This weekend's sports calendar has been, interestingly enough, like an episode of Wide World of Sports (RIP Jim McKay). So, let's go the Video Vault for what is probably the funniest thing ever to happen in Formula One. Nelson Piquet won the F1 World Championship three times, but in this race in 1982, his day ended after colliding with backmarker Eliseo Salazar. Needless to say, Piquet was pissed.

As a final insult, Piquet took the only safety truck back to the pits, leaving Salazar to walk. Too bad this outburst is the most emotion ever seen by an F1 driver ever.
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6/8/08   |   Scott Senay

Every time I hear old British announcers, all I can think of is, "And now for something completely different"