Fast Break Article 3//27/13 - Heat vs. Bulls

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      It's the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals. It's game 5 and the score is 79-76 in the Bulls favor. Derrick Rose, the MVP, is trying to close out the game. He drives to the lane, but misses an eight footer. Last years MVP, Lebron James, grabs the rebound. James casually walks up the court and knocks down a 25 footer. 
Tie game. It's MVP vs. MVP.
      Derrick Rose is looking to respond. He tries to pass the ball, but the future MVP steals the ball. After the Heat run a play, they get the ball to Lebron. Lebron is determined to make it to the Finals. He shoots the ball from 20 feet and makes it. 
Heat lead 81-79.
      Derrick Rose is looking for redemption from the last turnover. He drives to the basket and get's fouled by Lebron James. The MVP, Derrick Rose, makes the first. Can the MVP tie the game? No, his last free throw misses. Chris Bosh grabs the rebound and calls timeout. 
      The Heat have a one point lead, and need to hold the lead to make it to the NBA Finals. 
      The Heat pass the ball around and eventually Chris Bosh grasps the ball. The Bulls then foul Bosh and Bosh is forced to shoot two free throws. 
      He hits both. 
     The Bulls realize this is for their season, and get it to the MVP. Rose tries to find a hole, but can't find anything. He is forced to shoot a three pointer over two all-stars. He misses and the season is over. 
     This was the beginning of a new rivalry. This rivalry is renewed tonight, as the Bulls try to end the Heat's 27 game winning streak. 
     Can they do it? 
      If the Bulls are to beat the Heat, they will have to do many things. They have to keep Lebron James from scoring (Especially in the 4th quarter), they have to dominate the boards and get many offensive rebounds, the Bulls have to stop the Heat's three point shooters, the Bulls have to limit turnovers, and the Bulls have to be physical with the Heat.
     They have to get into the heads of Lebron, Dwyane, Bosh, etc. The Bulls have to tell the Heat not to come down low, or else they will get smashed. Hopefully this will help Deng in forcing Lebron into jump shots. 
    Dwyane is also coming off of an injury. Dwyane is extremely mentally tough, but you have to scare him. Keep him from driving and dishing to wide open three point shooters. If the three point shooters shoot well, you will lose all momentum in less than a second. 
     Earlier in the year, the Bulls lost 86-67. Lebron grabbed 12 rebounds and Dwyane grabbed 8. This is not dominating the boards! They have to be more physical and grab more rebounds. 
     Even earlier in the year, the Bulls won 96-89. They did this by being physical, stopping three point shooters, dominating the boards, and they limited the Heat's points off turnovers. In this game, the Bulls out rebounded the Heat by 20 rebounds. Carlos Boozer also scored 27 points. This is pounding it inside and being physical.
     Will the game today be more like the Bulls win, or the Heat win? The game today will be more like the game the Heat won. The Heat blew out the Bulls during their 27 game win streak. Also, the Bulls stopped Lebron (26 points), and stopped their three point shooters (3-13 from 3). Yet they still lost! 
    The key factor will be physical. In the game the Heat won, Boozer only scored 12 points (Compared to 27 points in the Bulls win). Also in the game the Heat won, the Bulls only out rebounded the Heat by 3 rebounds (Compared to 20 in the Bulls win). I don't think Boozer will go off tonight. Bosh and Haslem will stop him and the Heat will win.
Prediction: Heat Win
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