Green Bay Packers PSA On Swine Flu Starring Johnnie Gray and Steve Luke

The Packers Teach Us How To Avoid The Swine Flu...33 Years Ago

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Despite everything you're hearing about the swine flu these days, it's actually nothing new. Swine flu has popped up a handful of times here in the States over the past 40 years. In fact, in 1976 it caused a panic that was even worse than the one currently going on.

After an army recruit died of the disease at Fort Dix and about 13 other soldiers became sick, the federal government ordered mass immunizations.

The scare was so great that the state of Wisconsin even recruited two of its most visible athletes, Green Bay Packers safeties Johnny Gray and Steve Luke, to warn the public to get immunized. This was the hilarious PSA they made:

The disease never even spread beyond Fort Dix, but it's believed side effects from the vaccine caused Guillan Barre Syndrom in upwards of 500 people and even killed 25 of them. So, as it turns out, the immunizations were actually worse than the disease itself. Oh, and the Packers went 5-9 in 1976, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I'm just hoping swine flu results in us getting an Aaron Rodgers and BJ Raji PSA sometime soon.
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5/4/09   |   radiowave000   |   145 respect

This is much ado about nothing...get people stirred up so the goverment can save us by taking over health care. '76 "panic" was the same way.

5/4/09   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Considering there are 54 cases of Swine flu in Milwaukee, there is a decent chace we'll get that Rodgers and Raji PSA.