High School Basketball Fight Between G.W. Carver High School and Valley High
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The Malice In The Palace Has Nothing On This High School Basketball Donnybrook

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Last night in Alabama (of course) there was what can only be described as a massive brawl between, well, everyone inside the Alabama State University Acadome. 

During the 5A Boys State Basketball playoff game between Montgomery's G.W. Carver High School and Valley High, a hard foul with 6:23 remaining in the 4th quarter ignited a free-for-all that involved players, people in the stands, kids, bears, and possibly a fire-breathing dragon. In other words, it got pretty nuts.

Carver-Montgomery was leading Valley 52-37 when play was stopped. But here's my favorite quote from the entire episode.

"This game has been forfeited because Valley doesn't have any players left to participate," said AHSAA Associative Exectuive Director Joe Evans.

Yes, that'll happen when your entire team starts taking swings at the opposing team.

According to reports, somewhere between 10 to 12 people were detained after the fight.

And here's one more picture for the road.

Big brawl erupts at ASU Acadome [
USA Today]

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2/19/09   |   babygirl_101_chic

I go too Valley high and i dont think this is right that the whole state and school is punished. and we aren't suppose too talk about it at school or we get wrote up. and who are they too let Carver win.

2/19/09   |   jacville

2/19/09   |   kisschris   |   34 respect


You say basketball is violent, yet the Chicago Bears are one of your favorite teams. Explain to me how basketball is violent, and football isn't.

LOL , should have written "ironic" with it.

2/19/09   |   daddy420

people anyone who blames movies vidieo games or whatever your the problem blame the parents and the kids if i play a violent video game and beat or kill someone in it i don't go out and do the same on the street  parents should teach their kids to have more respect for people and be more of a role model for their kids now that being said kids will be kids  some will do their own thing just idiots being idiots

2/19/09   |   RichmondSpider

brianmc0331 wrote:
This goes beyond just the players involved. This should result in a complete forfeit of the season for both teams, and a complete overhaul of both schools coaching staff.

And the administrative staff from both schools that were in attendance.

2/19/09   |   brianmc0331   |   10 respect

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This goes beyond just the players involved. This should result in a complete forfeit of the season for both teams, and a complete overhaul of both schools coaching staff.

2/18/09   |   RichmondSpider

(Edited by RichmondSpider)

Of course one of the players had to take his shirt off to look like a REAL stud.  I agree, they both forfeit and the team that was supposed to play the winner gets a bye - and then keep both teams out of the tournament for at least, what you say, 5 years?

But remember, THIS behavior is much more acceptable then Michael Phelps taking a hit off a bong!

2/18/09   |   jmcarlos

That is just plain sad.  Really.  There is a lot of blame to go around, from movies, tv, video games to parents who don't or can't raise their kids right.  Most of the blame has to fall on the kids who thought that violence is an answer.  I hope from this video, they arrest all who were involved.

2/18/09   |   frenchy62   |   3 respect

DISGRACEFUL!!! On the part of everyone involved. I agree with the person who said neither side deserved to "win" this game. Call it a double forfeit, and, since this is tournament play, allow the team that plays the "winner" of this game a bye into the next round.

2/18/09   |   pobodys_nerfect

I don't understand what makes people do this kind of stuff. That looks like what most rap music sounds like. What a bunch of pigs.

2/18/09   |   kisschris   |   34 respect

That's what you get from watching such a violent sport as basketball....

2/18/09   |   Terry   |   25 respect

:20 sec in to the fight Nice saggy jeans/ boxer's look looser....

thats the style nowadays. saggy jeans with boxers in the spring/summer/fall, saggy jeans with basketball shorts in the winter

2/18/09   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

All that is missing is Mongol pushing a group of students against the wall with a piano.

2/18/09   |   JacksColdSweat

Way to give George Washington Carver a good name Montgomery! This fight was even more honorable than all the drive by shootings on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenues located all over the slums of America combined. Time to grow up.

2/18/09   |     |   1 respect

:20 sec in to the fight Nice saggy jeans/ boxer's look looser....

2/18/09   |   primo   |   1 respect

sign some of those people in the stands, to fight like that and still keep your balance is an achievement