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Highland High School Basketball: Cheap Shot or Not?

12/18/12 in HS Basketball   |   jetosborne   |   1 respect

This incident occurred on 12/14/12 in the 1st quarter of a high school basketball game in Pocatello, Idaho between Skyline and Highland.  The player was not caught by the officials and no foul was called.  He has now been suspended one game by the school. Yet the player and the Highland coaches and administration contend that the hit was unintentional.   The player who was hit, #22 for Skyline, has not been able to practice yet this week and will likely miss the next 1-2 games due to his concussion symptoms.  If this happened in your state, what would the consequences be?  How would this be handled? Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions.  
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12/19/12   |   jetosborne   |   1 respect

Update: http://www.localnews8.com/sports/Highland-senior-suspended-1-game-after-elbowing-incident/-/308186/17837110/-/7xxivh/-/index.html

12/19/12   |   jetosborne   |   1 respect

Dan_B...you can watch the full context of what happened. There is a link to unedited video from another angle from tipoff until the cheap shot occurred.

12/18/12   |   stflory   |   5 respect

clearly a cheap shot - awareness of your elbows is one of the first "unwritten rules" you learn in basketball

12/18/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

The video definitely sets it up to look like it is a cheap shot, though it is always hard to tell without seeing the context of the entire play and game. His elbow was definitely high, but his back was turned at contact, so it is also possible that it was inadvertent.