Hockey Brawl Between Illinois And Eastern Michigan, Including A Goalie Fight
NCAA Hockey

Illinois And Eastern Michigan In An Epic Brawl [Hockey Fight Of The Year?]

12/8/08 in NCAA Hockey   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

With apologies to the fight of the day that I posted a few hours ago, it has already been trumped. By a lot. The University of Illinois and Eastern Mighigan threw down in a massive brawl during their game. Not one player here and there, not just a classic goalie fight... it was team on team, in a battle that spanned nearly the entire ice, as you can see in the video.

Illinois ended up winning the game 10-1, but that definitely wasn't the real story in this one.

Here are the penalties from the 3rd period alone, most of which were picked up during the brawl (the ones highlighted in orange are Illinois players, the white ones are Eastern Michigan):

And here are a few pictures of the carnage:

Video: Puck Daddy
Pictures: IlliniMedia (Brennan Caughron)
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