Hockey Fight Of The Day: Aaron Voros, New York Rangers Vs Cam Janssen, St Louis Blues

Aaron Voros' Face, Meet Fist. Fist, Meet Aaron's Face [Hockey Fight Of The Day]

2/17/09 in NHL   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

You have to go all the way back to Dave Shultz beating on Dale Rofle circa 1974 to see a Ranger take this many punches in a fight...

Aaron Voros' face takes a beating from Cam Janssen of the Blues in probably one of the most one-sided fights this season.

Stay down, Aaron. Stay down.

Video H/T: Fried Chicken
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2/18/09   |   MarkW49ers   |   2 respect

WTH was that!?!... . I am not a fan of fighting in hockey, but if you are going to drop your stick and gloves you may want to consider offering up something other than your face as a weapon. Perhaps Voros should be competing in figure skating instead of ice hockey.

2/17/09   |   retirednuke

Don't beleive I have seen a beat down delivered by a Blues' player since The Twister used to prowl the ice...