Hockey Fight Of The Day: Joel Ward, Nashville Predators Vs Corey Sarich, Calgary Flames

Starts with a big HIT, then a SLASH, then the PUNCHES - Awesome Fight!

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I was watching this game and Joel Ward (NSH) was hammered by Corey Sarich (CAL) behind the net. Nice clean hit, the kids and I cheered as we are Flames fans. Ward didn't like the hit and they dropped the gloves and started at each other. 

The fight started off just in a scrap, but Sarich ended up schooling Ward, landing 5 punches to Ward's 1 punch.  Sarich also showed off his skills when he ducked to miss a big punch from Ward.

Clearly, the fight win goes to Sarich.... As well as the game win going to THE FLAMES!!!!!

Editor's Note: Thanks Vicki, for posting today's Fight of the Day!
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11/8/08   |   Just_Smile   |   98 respect

Sweet Fight!!!