Horse Loses Jockey, Wins Race Anyway
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Horse Wins Race Without Jockey... And That's Why Horse Racing Isn't A Sport.

6/21/09 in Horse Racing   |   Pat   |   5229 respect

I've said before that horse racing isn't a sport. That's still the case. My argument is that the horses are the real "athletes". The most popular rebuttal is that the jockeys are the athletes, and the horse couldn't win without their jockey.

Well, a horse named Phone Jazz proved me right at Belmont Park yesterday, as jockey Jean-Luc Samyn fell off right out the gate, and Phone Jazz finished first by 7 lengths without a jockey.

Well... there you have it, folks. Horse racing is nothing but a picnic with some cool scenery (horses running by). Bet on it, have fun with it, and don't let me rain on your parade. Just don't try to tell me that it's a sport.

Horse Dumps Jockey, Finishes First [Fanhouse]
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i love horses