J.J. Redick Wants To Be Traded, WNBA Teams Show Some Interest

1/30/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

To be honest, I really miss J.J. Redick playing for Duke. I'd almost completely forgotten about him until reading this story. J.J. is asking for a trade.

That sounds great and all, but where exactly does he think he'll play? Air-ball layups aren't exactly a hot commodity in the NBA, although the Bulls are doing their best.

I did hear the Detroit Shock might be interested, though.

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2/6/08   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

My Fiancee went to Duke Graduate School.  I didn't tell her that I hated Duke Men's Basketball until very recently.  Is this bad?  LOL.  I enjoy watching Coach K.  destroy young men's chances to for NBA glory and make them laughing points for all. 

2/3/08   |   dlaylo   |   2 respect

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I can't say more than what has already been said of the headline and i have been a Duke Fan since the days of Johnny Dawkins but this school is not a good breeding ground for the NBA. And JJ Reddick as an NBA player... what a joke.

1/30/08   |   outstanding

maybe he and travis diener can be swapped....

1/30/08   |   Fat

Totally agree one of the top 3 headlines on this blog ever!!!

1/30/08   |   CUBBY4LIFE   |   1 respect

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Thumbs up, gold star, and whatever other award you can give for the best headline ever! Did anyone really think that this one dimensional X-duke player was ever going to have an above worthless NBA career? I LOVE THIS HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/30/08   |   sportshoncho

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Could not AGREE more..., one of the best headlines ever.  This was truly LOL.  I bet he wishes that his college days had gone into infinity, where he truly was a genius.... so sad.                                          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

1/30/08   |   Flousc

In all my days on here, this headline is the funniest I have seen yet. Job well done.


I love getting a laugh at Redick's expense. I too had forgotten about him.