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Jeffrey Scott Larsen: Oregon Girls 6th Grade Coach Threatens 17-Year Old Referee

2/19/08 in HS Basketball   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

This video (thanks to F-Haus) doesn't show a great deal, but you'll see Coach of the Year Jeffrey Scott Larsen in his sweet warmup outfit on the left bench arguing calls and yelling in the background throughout. That probably doesn't seem all that out of the ordinary for a basketball game except for a few factors:

1) It's 6th grade girls basketball
2) after being ejected, he refused to leave and then accosted the 17-year-referee
3) charged with criminal trespassing at a sporting event

Congratulations. You sir, need a life.

"One referee, Houston Webb, a local high school player, ejected the Molalla coach, Jeffery Scott Larsen, after the coach continued to berate him over his calls. But Larsen, police say, refused to leave and accosted Webb after the game. Parents rushed the floor, some shoving followed, and players left in tears. Then the police showed up. On Sunday, after further investigation, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office arrested Larsen, 34, and cited him with criminal trespassing in the gym after the referee had tossed him out of the game. State law says it's a Class C misdemeanor if an ejected coach refuses to leave the scene of a sports event."

Apparently, the game was officiated by future Big Ten officials and let the contest turn into a full contact sport, as much as a 6th grade girls game could, and most of the parents were unhappy. One mother took her daughter out of the game and signed her up for ballet.

All that said, another sad state of affairs in the world of youth sports. It's not performance enhancing drugs we need to protect kids from, it's their coaches.

Game turns ugly; coach cited [Oregonian]
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2/20/08   |   Sportsrmylife3

There are two major problems here.  One is the fact that coaches and parents take these games like its the state finals.  They scream "travel", "foul", "where's the over the back", "3 seconds" all game long and don't put an equal amount of effort in praising their teams.  Now not all teams are this way but when a coach begins "begging" for calls it spreads to the fans very quickly.  #2 and this is where all the problems begin is that these schools/coaches put  these young players in the mix of reffing these games without proper training or some sort of knowledge of how to officiate a game.  Just because you can play the game doesn't mean that you can officiate.  Heck I love to eat but that doesn't mean I am going to walk into a restraurant and know how to cook.  They will usually ask players to show up and ref.  The players are unsure about how to call a game and will at times not call something that causes a parent/coach to start complaining.   Plus where is the game administrator watching this game?  If he is going to use high school students to ref these games then he better have his butt in the gym watching the game to either settling down the coach or during time outs give some advice to the refs about how to "call" the game.  Now Scott Larson's actions are completely uncalled for and I'm not tossing the blame elsewhere but just speaking through my experiences in that these situations can be prevented other ways. 

2/19/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

They could not make a San Diego large enough to contain all the "classiness" that was displayed by the coaches and parents.

2/19/08   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

The worst thing about a coach like this is it encourages the parents who are generally even bigger douche bags.

Parents and coaches that live vicariously through their kids and hold them to ridiculous standards and push them to the point of hating themselves should face the same penalties as child molesters, they're not much better.  The damage is comparable.

You are absolutely right. The parents and the kids take their cues from the coaches. If the coaches are making asses of themselves, the parents will start yelling and screaming over every single call. It is ridiculous. And it goes the other way...if the coaches are calm and respectful, the parents will be as well.

2/19/08   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

I'm surprised they would have high school kids ref games, even 6th grade girls games. I've done some reffing and I'd rather do a high school freshman game than a 6th grade game any day! Kids at that age, if not very good, are just out of control. You could call a foul or violation on every possession if you really wanted to. I wouldn't blame the kid ref at all. One, he is probably in over his head to begin with, and two, 6th grade girls games usually turn into rugby matches, no matter how well officiated.