Jeremy Lusk Dies From Head Injuries After Attempting Motocross Stunt
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Jeremy Lusk Serves As A Tragic Reminder Of The Inherent Risk Of Pushing The Envelope In Extreme Sports

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The beginning of the above video is full of exciting highlights of one of the best freestyle motocross riders. However, at around the 2:40 mark (just a heads up to those who decide to watch it), it becomes a tragic message to those who participate, or are planning to participate in extreme sports.

Much like many other people, I love watching stuff like this. The incredible skill and agility that it takes for guys to manipulate these bikes, snowmobiles, skateboards, etc through the air is truly amazing. However, there comes a time when their constant desire to find the new trick or push the envelope even further comes at a great cost.

In this case, it took Jeremy Lusk's life. Lusk, 24, was attempting a Hart Attack backflip at an event in Costa Rica, and crashed upon landing. Unlike many crashes, this one was indeed as serious as it looked. Lusk's crash was on Saturday, and he passed away due to injuries from the crash early Tuesday morning.

While it's exciting to see guys perform these amazing tricks that have never been seen before and are seemingly unfathomable this will hopefully send the message that there is a point where pushing the envelope is just not worth it. Their efforts are appreciated, and their willingness to sacrifice their bodies for their craft is incredible. But it's accidents like these that serve as a reminder of the inherent risk of constantly pushing it to (and past the limit).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jeremy Lusk, and we hope that we never see something like this again in the world of extreme sports.

Jeremy Lusk dies from injuries suffered in freestyle motocross crash [LA Times]
Lusk dies from crash-related injuries [
Video [Champions365]
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2/10/09   |   MarkW49ers   |   2 respect

Some might argue that you just did...

Seriously, If you can't be respectful with this blog then please don't post...

2/10/09   |   jef_luch

Wow, a huge tradegy for a very dangerous sport. It just goes to show you how hard all those extreme sports are. Ive never been a huge fan but from now on ill look at those athletes differently. I realize all sports are dangerous but these guys go to an extreme and have earned my respect. To risk your life for something you have a passion for takes more than just balls. RIP.

2/10/09   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2790 respect

The man died doing what he loved to do.  My prayers go out to his family,

2/10/09   |   JKB37   |   2409 respect

My God...  What a tragedy..  My prayers go out to the family and friends.. 

2/10/09   |   RichmondSpider

There are inherent risk in all "sports" - some more than others. It is shame to see a man taken down in his prime at an early age.  My thoughts are with his family.

2/10/09   |   MarkW49ers   |   2 respect

(Edited by MarkW49ers)

You gotta just love the crisis management strategy of the event sponsor. Here is a rider who clearly has just suffered a critical head injury and instead of being able to bring an ambulance to him, the medical staff is having to jog him back to the ambulance...shaking and bouncing him the entire way...I don't even know this poor guy and I'm pissed!!!...What The Hell!!!...

May you be at peace, Jeremy Lusk

2/10/09   |   TheChad81578

It's a trick that he had done 1000 times. From what I can tell from reading numerous reports, it was just way too windy at the venue. That's what caused him to not be able to complete the flip. I'm no expert on it by any means, it's just what the masses are reporting about the crash. He wasn't being dumb, he wasn't trying a new trick, he was just unlucky that mother nature showed up when she did. R.I.P. Jeremy Lusk. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

2/10/09   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Freestyle motocross has come along way the past few years and you are right, the envelope to extreme is pushed daily by those looking for the next big trick.  Hopefully this serves as a reminder that it's a very dangerous sport and one that shouldnt be taken lightly.  While I understand the desire to want to put on a show for fans, it doesnt need to come at the expense of a 24 year old losing his life. 

2/10/09   |   Juniorgman

jeremy Lusk
Who's Next to Die?

2/10/09   |   Juniorgman

I hate this guy pushing the envelope too far
Jeremy Lusk is AMA superstar's stupid guy

2/10/09   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

Oh my.