John McEnroe Ejected From Hall of Fame Champions Tennis Cup After Tirade
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You Can Not Be Serious?

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Yes, I'm serious.

Via Fanhouse, Tennis News reports that John McEnroe was tossed  from the Hall of Fame Champions Cup in Newport, Rhode Island for a very McEnroe-like tirade at an official. Now, this is not FanIQ Classic, this is today's news. McEnroe, now 49, is still pissing vinegar.

Bob Larson shares the juicy details:

John McEnroe was defaulted in his opening round-robin match at the $150,000 Hall of Fame Champions Cup Thursday at the International Tennis Hall of Fame due to audible, unsportsmanlike conduct and abuse of official code violations in his match with fellow American MaliVai Washington. The default marked the first time McEnroe was defaulted from a match on the Outback Champions Series, the international tennis circuit for champion tennis players over the age of 30.

The series of events that lead to McEnroe’s dismissal came after McEnroe won the first set 6-3 and with Washington serving at 4-2, ad-in, in the second set in the opening round-robin match for both players. Arguing a line-call, McEnroe was issued a code violation warning for an audible obscenity by chair umpire Ray Brodeur. McEnroe continued his tirade against Brodeur and was issued consecutive abuse of official code violations. According to the Outback Champions Series Code of Conduct, match defaults are a four-step process, with the first violation resulting in a warning. The second violation results in a point penalty, a third violation - a game penalty and a fourth violation - a match default. McEnroe’s three violations gave Washington the second set 6-2 (the point penalty giving Washington the game for a 5-2 lead and the game penalty giving him the set by a 6-2 margin.) As McEnroe continued his tirade, fans at the Newport Casino became vocal and restless and began to yell at McEnroe to continue playing. McEnroe responded to the fans with a visible obscene gesture which resulted in a fourth code violation from Brodeur and McEnroe’s immediate default from the match.

MaliVia Washington sighting! Yes! Loved that guy. Anyways, there's no video of this explosion yet, but in honor of our favorite tennis personality of all time, here's a compilation of John McEnroe's best tirades. His classic Wimbledon episode is above.

Answer the question, JERK!

Racket throwing, profanity goodness.

A French mix of some other McEnroe tirades. The subtitles add that extra special touch.

And yes, he threw a temper tantrum just last year at age 48.

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