Jose Canseco Knocked Out By Former NFL Player Vai Sikahema

Because I Promised You Video Of This

7/14/08 in Boxing   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Yesterday I promised you as soon as video of Jose Canseco getting decked by former NFL Player Via Sikahema in that bizarre celebrity boxing match became available, I'd post it for you. Courtesy of the boys at You Been Blinded, here you go.

As an added bonus, Canseco was actually knocked down twice. Is there any better way to start your morning than watching Canseco get his bell rung not once, but twice? No, no there isn't.

I'm just disappointed I can't put this video on permanent loop for eternity or bronze it and put it on my mantlepiece. By the way, here's another video from another angle. In it we also learn that Jose didn't train for the fight at all. Well, I at least hope he juiced, if nothing else.

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7/14/08   |   TurkogluForMVP   |   50 respect

haha "give me a few months" He's a Martial Arts guy? Put him against Rampage. Or Iceman... that'd be funny.

7/14/08   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

Train, take some more 'roids, and then show him your shriveled man parts and that will win him the fights.