Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks His Own Urine To Prepare For Fight Against Floyd Mayweather Jr

Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks His Own Urine

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Juan Manuel Marquez is not sparing any expense whatsoever while training for his fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. And that apparently includes drinking his own urine. Seriously.

According to Marquez, it helps him regain lost vitamins that he urinated out during the day. UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida does the same thing, and it apparently works for him. Still, I'm not buying it. There's a reason your body gets rid of the stuff.

Wait ... Is That Boxer Drinking His Own Urine? [Deadspin]
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A real ding-a-ling

9/11/09   |  

i think the kind of this sport, was take an advantage to the people watching...

9/11/09   |  

that is something else!!!

9/11/09   |  


9/11/09   |  


9/10/09   |  

it such a waste to take out, he has to recycle his own product lol? hahaha..

9/10/09   |  

Why does he think this is helpful? Get in the ring compa!

9/10/09   |  

he is disgusting... didn't he know that urine is a waste product of our body, that is why we need to take out... not to take in again...

9/10/09   |  

well he is not polluting the enviroment ,he is keeping his stuff to himself,thus he is eco friendly hahahahah! and yes the expensive beer no money gone to waste

9/9/09   |  

because its free available round the clock & if you are with slow mental agility you need it Ha Ha Ha------------

9/9/09   |  

i wonder what he does with his poop

9/9/09   |     |   5 respect

Plain and Simple...this is truly disgusting.

9/9/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

And I thought I wanted Money to destroy this guy before. Now I want him to beat the piss out of him!

9/8/09   |     |   11 respect

He couldn't just drink a V8 instead....????

9/8/09   |   justinedward   |   31 respect

If you think it's stupid, go fight him about it....I bet he proves you wrong ;)

9/8/09   |   lleedubb   |   32 respect

I hope Mayweather beats the crap outta him!! 

9/8/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

If you do that you won't be Superman, you'll be a rabbit.

9/8/09   |  

no different to some of the bars ive been in haha

9/8/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I can't watch this video, not right before I eat dinner, I won't have an appetite.

9/8/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

give pees a chance. 

9/8/09   |   nineworldseries

 Remember, to some people, this is porn.

9/8/09   |   raiders1steve   |   10 respect

Pssstttt,,,don;t tell Gatorade-don;t give them ANY ideas!!!-lmao...GROSSSS

9/8/09   |     |   42 respect

he drinks his own Urine cause its sterile, and he likes the taste!

If he can dodge a wrench, he can dodge a punch, obviously!

9/8/09   |   Reef PIE   |   1 respect

I don't feel good.....

9/8/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Excuse me, I'm on the verge of passing out!.......Yucko!.......

9/8/09   |  

I think he's just doing it to scare the hell out of his opponents.  It's got to make you think, if a guy is drinking his own urine on national television what is he doing in private?  And you have to love the Mayweathers reuniting on that show after 9 years without talking by playing high-stakes craps on Jr's pool table.  Those 24/7 boxing specials are just about the best thing on televsion...

9/8/09   |     |   287 respect

he drinks his own Urine cause its sterile, and he likes the taste!

9/8/09   |   billywa   |   658 respect

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It gives new meaning to the term "home brew!"!