Kendall Holt vs Ricardo Torres Rematch - WBO Light Welterweight Highlights

You'll Have A Hard Time Finding A Better Round Of Boxing

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One of the many reasons I've stopped watching boxing is that far too often two big names get in the ring and simply dance with each other in circles, rarely throwing a punch and hoping to win a decision (or pay the judges).

We need more fights like the WBO Light Welterweight Championship rematch that took place Saturday night at Planet Hollywood. Ricardo Torres met Kendall Holt in a rematch, and it'd be safe to call this a dogfight.

Even though the fight lasted 59 seconds, trust me, everyone got their money's worth. That's right, three knockdowns in under a minute with Torres knocking Holt down twice, only for Kendall to get the final, knockout blow.

That would qualify a great round of boxing even without the added drama of a heated rematch. You see, these two fought in Torres' homeland of Columbia back in September and as you can imagine the fight was hardly fought on a level ring. I know, shocking right? Hard to believe boxing in Columbia would be corrupt. Anyways, the referee called the fight after Holt fell to the canvas in the late rounds, and from all reports he was doing just fine.

Nice to see Holt leave little doubt as to whether this fight was appropriately called off in the 1st round.

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