Lacrosse Fights: Less Like Hockey, More Like MMA

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I don't think there's any question that most average fans watch hockey to see big time checks and big time fights, not to see the excellent technical display put on by the players. That sounds bad, but hey, it's true. And frankly, any violence usually results in gold for hockey. I hate to say it, but Zednik getting his throat slashed has given the NHL more air time on ESPN than the sport has had in years.

Violence sells. It what makes the NFL popular and what is basically keeping the NHL from going under. And it's made MMA what it is.

So maybe lacrosse has been paying attention, because this fight is ridiculous. I'd also like to thank the guy who rang the knock-out bell at the end. Way to be on to top things.

I smell a TV contract for lacrosse...on Public Access.
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2/2/14   |   sslqc

This what makes this game colorful and exiting: violence = ratings. - Green Water Technologies

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How not to officiate a fight.

Unless, of course, they too wanted to see it persist long after it was necessary.

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Please excuse my gaffe, it looks like they will play in 2008.

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Ah Indoor Lacrosse brawls. I remember them well


During the MLL ever so brief attempt in Orange County. Yes I am like one of the 50 people who watched the Anaheim Storm of the MLL. That number includes the players themselves. I got to witness a couple of the decent donnybrooks. I think it is in the rules (same for hockey) that you have to throw down every once in a while. Only because you let them get out with their fist than the sticks. Not saying I only watch hockey or Indoor Lacrosse for the fights, or that I am for guys getting pounded, unless your name is Chris Pronger or Claude the Turtle, but it is a part of the game. It just needs to be contained. Hell I think I saw a video of a fight in the Russian League that make this fight look like a tea party.


As for Indoor Lacrosse, or MLL, and TV, they actually decided to be like the NHL. They just did things in reverse. They had a contract with Versus and had their ALL-Star Game on NBC, and then they decided to go on strike.


For some reason  it seems, and I could very well be wrong, but outdoor lacrosse seems to be without such brawls. Again I could be very wrong about it.