LeBron James Block On Ramon Sessions; Not In King James' House

It Almost Looked Like They Installed A Special Elevator For LeBron On This Block [Video]

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LeBron James' block on Ramon Sessions didn't even look fair. Human beings probably shouldn't be allowed to jump this high.

Sessions tried to drive to the basket and lay it in, but James was having no part of it. He sent the ball halfway into the balcony. His head was near the rim at the top of his jump, and there was no way any should could have gotten past him at that point.

This is just another example of the ridiculous athleticness of King James. Unless you're 6'8" or taller, I would suggest not taking it into his house. Next time, he might just give you the Mutombo finger.


LeBron James' Monster Block On Sessions [The Hoop Doctors] via [Ball Don't Lie]
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LeBron James= beast= MVP. End of story.