Lingerie Football League 40-Yard Dash Time Trials
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Apparently The Lingerie Football League Takes Itself As Seriously As The NFL

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Occasionally when you're wandering around the internet, you stumble across things that defy explanation. This is one of those things.

Lingerie football, which has appeared a few times during Super Bowl halftimes on some random cable channel that I forget, is going big time in 2009. It'll have it's own league, known as the Lingerie Football League, and will have 10 teams.

Now, admittedly I just thought they planned to pull the hottest rejects from NFL cheerleader tryouts, but apparently I was wrong. The above video is a 40-yard dash time trial that was recently conducted by the league to assess the talent - naturally it was conducted in a parking lot. That's where the NFL Draft combine takes place too, right? I just hope everyone had to take the Wonderlic. Some of these girls might have wound up with a score that would make Mario Mannigham look like a genius.

Anyway, because it's clear that how fast these attractive women are makes a HUGE difference in how watchable this league will be - rather than their average chest size - here's a clip of the, uh, highlights of games past. Obviously, speed is not important at all important.

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10/2/09   |   jayowen7

Check out the Lingerie Football All Sexy Team on this funny new website

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5/5/08   |   dallas78

Hmmm, I see Buccaneer jerseys and channel 10 this must have be held at Mons Venus I would recognize that parking lot anywhere.

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I'm just hoping the league adopts some variation on the tear-away jerseys that college and pro ball outlawed in the late 70's  While no one wanted to see the Skoal-dipping Earl Campbell or Budweiser-belly Major Ogilvie without a shirt, that won't be a concern here.

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I love how they rolled out a strip of astroturf in a parking lot to hold their tryouts.

Agreed. Nothing says class like parking lot tryouts. This league cannot fail.