Lionel Messi Drunk During Barcelona Victory Celebration

Lionel Messi Celebrated Barcelona's UEFA Championship Victory The Way Many Of His Fans Did

6/2/09 in Soccer   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Lionel Messi scored one of Barcelona's 2 goals in the UEFA Championship game against English Premier League champs Manchester United. So of course, when he celebrated their win, he did it with some gusto.

During this celebration with his teammates and their fans, Messi had obviously celebrated quite like I would have done it... with copious amounts of alcohol. So much, in fact, that he couldn't even walk remotely straight.

Way to go, Lionel. Live it up. Congrats on the win, and please give us more moments like this one... simply priceless.

Lionel Messi Drunk [Docksquad Sports]
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8/17/09   |   millymambulu

i will celebrate their victory

8/17/09   |   styles

its his lst chance to celebrate

8/17/09   |   mergui

It was thrilled to watch my favorite team play.

8/16/09   |   yahoo3248


8/15/09   |   liltin527

thiS is dEh vEwi gUd teAm evAh..!!!

8/15/09   |   inskp8885

i dont think so

8/15/09   |   inskp8885

waite and see this seson

8/3/09   |   Krish_d_fan

 He deserved to be drunk, I'd hv drowned myself in alcohol.

7/10/09   |   jess_tee

 he was very happy indeed. 

7/9/09   |   ckenneth


7/9/09   |   anchalgupta181989

anchalgupta181989 wrote:


7/9/09   |   puneetmishr

its GOD in no. 10 jersi..

7/9/09   |   pjaiblai

Leo is my satisfaction in footballing

7/9/09   |   maazq

messi is d best player in d world

7/4/09   |   elzorro4now


6/28/09   |   besmbonda

that is true

6/22/09   |   prok2bal

no komen...

6/22/09   |   anchalgupta181989


6/22/09   |   ColbertLover


6/22/09   |   pandi_akuamuk

the competition between c.ronaldo n messi end wit messi blow up the job..

6/21/09   |   hthanthlawng7

c.ronaldo i didnt like him wen he missed the goal wen mun united vs barcelona

6/21/09   |   hthanthlawng7

cristiano ronaldo. i like him very much

6/21/09   |   hthanthlawng7

(Edited by hthanthlawng7)

cristiano ronaldo. i didnt like him wen he missed the goals wen mun united vs barcelona.

6/21/09   |   fragerjones

(Edited by fragerjones)

he is a great player and very best in the world now

6/21/09   |   lucifers   |   12 respect

he is a wonderful footballer....... a legend with a perfect football goal

6/18/09   |   banerjeeshouvik

messi rulz..!!!!

6/18/09   |   pratkkohli1

messi is 2 gud

6/18/09   |   juna_sub

amazing dude

6/17/09   |   sankitech

not a great win to barcelona its just a little bit of luck any way man untd is the best

6/16/09   |   juscool_girl

This is a deserved win, but I still hate Barcelona they are not as good a team as Manchester United.

6/16/09   |   heroldmanjaro

i love messi and all barca membersssss.thank u (PEP GADIOLAR)

6/16/09   |   heroldmanjaro

messi year,a year of best player

6/5/09   |   MrJayesh   |   1 respect

i think

6/5/09   |   afrahgirl

ya ..mwssi is a great player..... nd we all expct a lot 4m him....

6/5/09   |   danieldebocom

Messi is a great player, More is Expected of Him next season

6/5/09   |   linlin444444

dspshyama wrote:
all hail lord messi!!!!!!

hey messi u r like hero

6/5/09   |   mzguite

that's my boy

6/5/09   |   dudegoel


6/5/09   |   JoshBoyes07

Does anyone else think Messi looks alot like Cristian Bale.

6/4/09   |   brits11


6/4/09   |   annnena

c rolnando

6/4/09   |   deisrael007   |   6 respect

Its a celebration that worth celebrating, this guy is hot to catch, he has never score against English opponent, and he is the highest goal scorer in the Champions League competition, so you can now see the reason why he can celebrate. His goals and other striker has land Barca three trophies this season. I love him so much. Leo is the best player of the planet now. I can bet it with you and this guy is going far, he still have much more to deliver, just watch it. Up Leo, Up Barca, Up Argentine.

6/4/09   |   MyBB

he's great incredible i like his style

6/4/09   |   Yashodhara

Messi rocks..but we shud nt ignore the efforts of the whole team

6/4/09   |   arunaswinray

Though it was agreeable it was their team effort

6/4/09   |   robphipus83


6/4/09   |   shankar3758

He Can........

6/4/09   |   sumandavid

he desrves and the way he played the finals was great

6/4/09   |   tash_cash

I feel sorry for Ronaldo.

6/4/09   |   molatolekelebogile

ya he did....m a big fan!!!!

6/4/09   |   koisaymusa

interesting he deserves it with Eto'o

6/4/09   |   claverdcosta


6/4/09   |   eankurgarg


6/4/09   |   dspshyama

all hail lord messi!!!!!!

6/3/09   |   psorkpor

MESSI all the way the guy is a champion

6/3/09   |   Fan_of_Tactic

Messi is a good player, and Barca is the best team this season.

6/3/09   |   SANTAZZZ

Messy messi!!!!!

6/2/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Heck yeah! I approve! Definitely after winning a championship, especially one as huge as UEFA, the winners should cut loose and celibrate (responsibly of course).

6/2/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

 I try to celebrate everything with copious amounts of alcohol: promotions, tax cuts, sunny days, rainy days, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays....