Major League Lacrosse Cheerleader Hit In The Face By Errant Shot

Wait, They Have Lacrosse Cheerleaders?

6/20/08 in Lacrosse   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

We understand most of you were on the edge of your couch, riveted by the hot Major League Lacrosse action, but just in case you missed it, we bring you the first ever Lax highlight in this space.

The Boston Cannons and Washington Bayhawks (seriously?) were battling it out in the 4th period when a shot juuuuuust barely missed the goal.

We're a sucker for errant shots hitting people in the face, but it's especially funny when a cheerleader is involved. Don't worry, she's fine. You can laugh.

And you thought we entered a dry period in sports. Ha!

Major League Lacrosse Is On Fire [Tirico Suave]
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1/1/14   |   scupy

Woah! Did not expect that one. Go cheerleaders! Funny though Dave Contarino

1/14/09   |   Ryanlaxbull13

I played lax and I didn't know they had cheerleaders, but shouldn't she be used to taking balls to the face yet?

6/21/08   |   bobbyc3

Wow.  I learned something.  Lacrosse has cheerleaders.  Who would have thought?

6/21/08   |   bonbonhi

lmao that's what she gets!! What the hell does any sport need cheerleaders for? I can cheer just fine without them thanks!!

6/20/08   |   kruhft

who is jonni lyn drake and why has she sent me a private message to my cell phone to come to this site?

here i though cell phone spam was illegal, but i really wanted to check my private message from her, just in case it was NATALIE PORTMAN!