Manny Ramirez Wants A Gold Glove, Won't Get One

Manny Must Be On Drugs Or Something

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I've heard some ridiculous things over the course of my life, but I think this one may put everything else to shame.

Manny Ramirez wants to win a Gold Glove.

Yes, the same Manny Ramirez who makes every ball hit into left field an adventure, has that as a serious goal.
“I think I’m the best ever to play left field in Boston,” Manny said.
Before you laugh, here's his reason for that. He says that no other Red Sox has defended left field like him because of his familiarity with the intricacies of playing so many games in front of The Wall.

Of course, that may be true on some level, since Manny has been patrolling left field for so many years in Boston, but he apparently forgot that one of the key ingredients to winning the Gold Glove is to also play good defense on the road.

Plus, I'm not even sure what he's talking about here. It's Manny describing how the Red Sox didn't want him playing too shallow in left field at Fenway.
“They told me to play back,” Ramirez said. “I figured when I play in Boston anything that was hit over my head was a hit, so I catch everything that might be base hits. But if they want me to play back, I’ll play back.”
Uh, exactly.

Anyway, I've always loved Manny, but I hope he's joking. After all, I once compared his fielding skills to Glenallen Hill. And NO ONE in their right mind ever wants to be compared to Glenallen Hill.

And just so you know, Manny's always prepared out in left field, as evidenced by this video.
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The Hall of Fame, is now the "Hall of the Really Good and Some Guys We Just Like" 


Are you sure the link is broken?  I tried it and it worked.  If it only works for me, well than, screw you guys.  (I kid, I kid)


The gold glove awards give Jeter's future first ballot induction into the above mentioned former HOF some teeth.  That and the fact Torre put him on the All-Star team every year like he was his dad in little league. 


Like Renegade said, a good number of these accolades are a joke anymore... as fans we are mired in a world of Tommy "the machine" Gunn's.     

It's working now, must have been a momentary hiccup. Bill James isn't used to this much traffic. Like 4 clicks an hour.

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Just to further Renegade's argument... Derek Jeter has two gold gloves.


Here is an overly scientific assessment of why that might not be prudent, and why Bill James is the man.

The link's broken, but there's no question Jeter sucks. There are arguments out there, with stats, proving he's the worst shortstop in baseball right now - mainly because he has no range whatsoever. Rob Neyer also made the Bill James argument years ago, when Jeter was originally gunning for his first one. It's a travesty to the game that Jeter has a gold glove in all honesty.

It's all NY east coast hype BS. After all, why do you think Phil Rizzuto's in the Hall? Bill James kills Rizzuto in his book "Whatever Happened To The Hall of Fame?"

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I know how Manny can get one.  Buy it, when Jim Edmonds sells his!

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He's still terrible defensively, even at home.  I love Manny's personality, but even with the World Series rings he can't touch Yaz or Jim Rice's respective jocks.

Don't forget "Gator" Greenwell.


Manny put down the pipe, you would make Jose Canseco look like Torii Hunter.

5/12/08   |   kizzlep

If he wins a Gold Glove I will quit using this site