Michael Johnson Can't Believe Usain Bolt's World Record 9.69 100 Meter Dash
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When You Impress A Guy Of Johnson's Caliber At Age 21, You're Going Places

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The BBC had United States Michael Johnson
, a track legend in his own right, on their broadcast during the men's 100 meter dash Saturday night in Beijing.

Johnson who dominated the 400m and 200m races in Atlanta, on currently owns both of those world records. The Texan is still the only Olympian in history to win both of those events in the same Olympics. A feat, that I wouldn't put past the 21-year-old Jamaican, Usain Bolt.

When Johnson was informed of Bolt's 9.69 world record time, despite celebrating the final 20 minutes, "The Man With The Golden Shoes" was stunned. No really, he was stunned. Enjoy.

More on Johnson later as I had a unique viewing experience of his 200m world record in Atlanta.
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